Briony Thomas

Lecturer in Design Theory
School of Design, University of Leeds

As a designer, with a background in textiles, I am fascinated by the fundamental concept of symmetry and its application in the creation of patterns. This recent work explores the possibilities of patterns repeating in three-dimensions, around the faces of mathematical solids

Reidun #1
170 x 160 x 155 mm
Painted and etched wood composite

Inspired by a novel approach to the description of viral capsid assembly proposed by Twarock, the faces of this rhombic triacontahedron are tessellated with kites, darts and rhombs. The Islamic-inspired design used on the two types of face tiles was also inspired by biological imagery adapted by Twarock, which is reminiscent of Islamic interlace patterns.

Reidun #2
367 x 300 mm
Painted and etched hardboard

This piece was created through manipulation of the virology-inspired tiling used in Reidun #1. The tiling has been manipulated in the plane to form a p6m repeating design.