Mike Field

Professor of Mathematics
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
In my efforts in computer art, graphics and design, I work with chaotic - non-deterministic -
dynamical systems and often make use of symmetry.
Although the time evolution of these systems seems random and haphazard, long-term time averages
often reveal complex and intricate symmetric structure that can lead to a harmonious and beautiful
design. In this way, the images I create are simple instances of the statistical regularity
through which we experience the workings of the universe.

I am particularly interested in using mathematical ideas to create desired artistic effects. Two of the
submitted images use some new algorithms I have been working on recently for colouring complex fractal
Iterations 2006
18" x 18"
Digital print on canvas
A two-colour quilt of type p4g/pgg. Created used a deterministic torus map and lifting the resulting symmetric
pattern on the torus to a repeating pattern on the plane. Printed on canvas. Shown as part of John Sims recent
Rhythm and Structure exhibition at the Bowery Poetry Club, NY.
22" x 22"
Digital print on canvas
This is a complex fractal image which is a composite of the Sierpinski triangle and another
symmetric fractal with 11-fold symmetry. The construction of this image required the development
of new software and coloring algorithms - an ongoing project to create new classes of
visually interesting objects.
26" x 24"
Digital print on canvas
A repeating two-color pattern of type p3m1/p3 created using a deterministic torus map and lifted to the plane as a
repeating pattern.

Much of the effect of this images gets lost in low res/small image file.