Jacques Beck

Retired Professor of landscape architecture, freelance plasticien artist

The multisculpture that could be thought of as built by a generating point moving around into lines, surfaces and volumes must by essence be rested in sequence and be revisited on its multiple sides during the creation process. This ensures that more original views take shape from a collection of features available to the artist such as concavity, convexity, equilibrium and stability, material properties such as mass distribution, texture, color.

This complex iterative process can be mathematically simulated, analysed and developed before a real-world materialization. In a nutshell : a single sculpture that contains many. A central point explodes and radiates out. The interior gives way to the exterior and vice versa.

Coquillage (multisculpture)
300X250X150 mm

This is an example of my multisculpture concept. The image presents four views of the five different positions when the work is placed on a horizontal planar surface.

There could be other positions when the work is placed on a different kind of surface (see text of the presentation).