Laura M Shea

Beadwork Artist
Parker, Colorado
Laura Shea loves creating complex polyhedral structures from beads and thread. Her work explores classic geometric forms-whole and partial frame polyhedra, regular tilings and tessellations. She connects the component forms at contiguous polygonal faces to create chains and complex polyhedral structures. The open networks of tilings and frame polyhedra provide a magical space for light to play with glass.
3" in diameter
Swarovski (r) crystal beads and monofilament
Bead frame great rhombicosadodecahedron sprouting 30 rays of cubes.
In or Out
1 1/8"x 1 1/8"x 1 1/8"
Swarovski (r) crystal beads and monofilament
Bead framework polyhedron consisting of beaded cubes.
High Noon
2 1/2 " high x 2 1/2" wide x 1" thick
Swarovski (r) crystal beads and monofilament
Beadwork frame polyhedron--great rhombicosadodecahedron with 10 rays of alternating cube stack and 20 cubes.