Magnus Wenninger

Benedictine monk
Saint John's Abbey
Collegeville, Minnesota

More information about the techniques I use to produce my artistic patterns on a spherical surface can be found in the Dover publication of my book Spherical Models (1999), originally the Cambridge University Press publication of Spherical Models (1979). Robert Webb's Stella program is now my computer program par excellence:

School of Fish Geodesic
8" in diameter

Geodesic domes are well known, especially in connection with the architectural structures designed by Buckminster Fuller. My main interest, however, has been in having geometric patterns projected onto a spherical surface. I call this geometric pattern a "School of Fish", because it has indeed the artistic appearance of 3 fish 'kissing' at the center point of each icosahedron triangle, while 5 fish have their tails conjoined to form a pentagrammic star at the vertex point of each icosahedron triangle. The 5 colors also are symmetrically arranged, adding greatly to the beauty of the whole ensemble.