István Orosz

draphic designer
Sopron University (West Hungarian University)
Budakeszi (Hungary)

Themes of the natural sciences, especially of geometry and optics appear in most of my works. They are often related to postmodernism by archaic forms, art historical references, stylistic quotations and playful self-reflection. I like to experiment with the extremes, paradoxes of the representation of the perspective to create the illusion of space. I also experiement to renew the techniques of anamorphosis when I distort the pictures in such a way that it can only be seen from a particular aspect or in such a way that its new layer of meaning only reveals by the interposition of reflective surfaces.

300 x 300 mm

handmade etching portrait of my son created from 1600 squares.

300 x 400 mm

handmade etching portrait of my father created from 1776 squeres.