Mingjang Chen

Associate Professor
Center for General Education, National Chiao Tung University
Hsinchu, Taiwan

A new method by using Structural Cloning Method (SCM) and Leaping Iterated Function System (LIFS) to explore abstractor and landscape painting are presented in these artwork. SCM is a visual interface to define different combinations of geometry transformations and LIFS is an improved version of Iterated Function System (IFS) within SCM. Instead of exponential growing loading while iterating; LIFS takes only constant computing resources. From the viewpoint of visual design, SCM and LIFS together build a bridge between mathematic and aesthetic, and they then make fractals more tractable. However, it is much more challenge to convey a natural feeling in such a painting without the feeling of mathematics.

16" x 13"
Digital print

“Parrots” is an attractor of the iterated function system w1(z) = d1*z + c1; w2(z) = d2*z + c2, where c1 , c2 are complex numbers for translation, and d1, d2 are complex numbers for rotation and scaling , "Parrots" is a self-similar image.

How many parrots can you tell in this picture? Many duplications of a single one? What are they doing? Each Parrot stands right on the back on another!

Chotic landscape paintings
13" x 16"
Digital print

Using Strutural Cloning Method and Leaping Iterated Function System, chaotic patterns, rocks, clouds, mountains, fogs, trees, etc, can be designed easily. This picture is a combinations of these chaotic patterns and is compiled on PowerPoint by AMA. Look at this picture carefully, you find that visual elements of the same type are cloned together everywhere, in particular, the structure of clouds, ripples, and fogs are similar.