Freelance Artist
Woodstock NY, USA

It is important to note that none of my artwork is computer generated. The basic drawings are all done by hand using simple tools such as a ruler, compass, and circle templates. It can take from six weeks to several months to understand and decipher the concepts behind the drawing, a process which would ordinarily be performed by a computer. I do not use a calculator in order to create these paintings, I use my mind to do the math. The value of this process is that, as the painting is completed, I embody these patterns and concepts and carry them within myself.

These paintings are more than just decorative colors and patterns. There is a mathematical subject matter, as each painting is based upon an internally-consistent set of rules and stands as a type of “visual equation” or “visual math problem” . The paintings also refer to physics, and the rules which describe and govern the behavior of light waves.

Flying Rainbow Lasagne
Steel wire

This is a sculpture of a Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL). The FRL is the end result of applying a set of rules to the way that energy is allowed to move and behave. This shape has as it's basis the basic shape of a sphere that is morphed into four vortexes and finally, with the addition of a new dimension, forms the FRL shape. Like a Mobius Strip, The FRL is an "impossible" shape in that it only has one side: the 'inside' of one half-cone becomes the 'outside' of the next half-cone. (with "inside" being defined as a surface facing the interior of the FRL, and "outside" as a surface facing the floor or ceiling of the room) However, despite its' seeming impossibility, The FRL does not break any of the previously-established rules which govern the movement of energy in the universe and as a result is allowed to exist..

original painting 48"x48", printed as 20"x24" for show
Acrylic paint on wood

This painting extends a theme I have been exploring for several years based on the Mobius Transformation. Here, the pattern is taken to the extreme!

"Many Worlds"
Acrylic paint on wood

Created as a design element of a larger painting, this image is partially inspired by the Mobius Transformation and also by the physics of lightwaves. As in my other paintings, each color corresponds to a particular size and the color proportions related to each color remain consistent. The painting shows a matrix formed by an interlinking network of nested vortexes, with each vortex maintaining internally-consistent color proportions.