Bente Simonsen

Graphic Designer/Freelance Artist

From my very childhood I've been fascinated of patterns and structures, and from early off I tried to detect how different things were constructed.

In 3rd grade I discovered Geometry and The Golden Section and it became the sky rocket of my life. Soon I fancied myself to be an abstract artist — at the age of ten.

But the Jante Law soon got me down on earth. Nobody in my surroundings found any value in such childish plays. I was plain stupid, and they succeeded in making me believe it.

Nevertheless I've always continued to work with 'concrete things' and always had a love for geometry and mathematic (on a very low level). But because I was stupid, I really believed that, it was no idea to study such things on a higher level, which I deeply regret to day.

Still I have my fun. I love making impossible constructions or finding new ways of using geometry.

Dodecahedron Concave
18" x 18" x !8" (45 x 45 x 45 cm)
Stainless steel

Dodecahedron created of 12 hexagons folded and turned into concave pentangons by removing one sixth of each hexagon.

Long Legged Circumciser
Approximately 19" x 19" x 19" (!???)
Stainless steel

Globe made by combining extented pentagrams. Three legged figures show in between.