Peter Meijer

Freelance artist
Amsterdam, Holland

My aim is to invent simple and beautiful shapes based on a explicit thought. My sculptures are answers to questions, questions like: What happens if ?, How many ways are there to ?, Is it possible to ? and so on. The sculptures are based on formal conditions which are inherent to the design. In each design I try to use a minimum number of lines to get the right shape, while each curved line has to be as simple as possible. I like to deviate from the straight line, but not too much.

Mostly I work in wood.

I mainly use the bandsaw machine in order to create my work.

Möbius strip in 3D (stair-like form)
7,4'' x 7,4'' x 29,7''

The model is made of wooden plates (MDF).

The inner surface is like a Möbius strip in a stair-like form.

The whole sculpture can be seen as a 3D Möbius strip.

I will give an textual explanation for the visitors (on A5 format).

3D extension of Möbius strip - beam with surfaces in yellow and red.
5,3 x 5,3 x 24 inches

On the bean is drawed the cutting line that is the border between red and yellow.

The sculpture exists of two separate vertical mirrored halves, what lets manipulated the form, because there are two posible variants.

3D extension of Möbius strip
5,3 x 5,3 x 24 inches

The white surface has properties of the Möbius strip.


Regular form (surface exist of straight lines).

Surface of Möbius strip became a body.

The form of the inside is the form of the outside.

(with a twist , what becomes understandable by manipulating the beam before).

Walking along the surface goed as follows:

1) Start at the the bottom with position rightup and go to the left.

2) When passing the border you go from urricht to upside down.

3) By arriving at the bottom again the position is still upside down.

4) After completing the second loop the position is again upright.