Sean R Stewart

freelance artist
Owen Sound

A line can only be imagined in reality. It exists only as a concept in the mind. A line, by definition, is comprised as an infinite series of points in a row. A point has no length, width, or height. If a point has no dimension, can a line exist as an infinite number of points?

These images play on the feature scale and the blurriness of lines with which the detail and focus-level are controlled.

Heterotic String Theory no. 1, 2
two 10"x10"
digital print

Heterotic string theory was created by folding a photograph using free and open source software. It was then polarized with error points to create the asymmetry or 'human factor'.

The Mathematics of Rainbows part 1, 2, 3
digital print

The Mathematics of Rainbows was created using free and open source software. A solid square containing the colours of a rainbow was broken down and re-assembled with manual error points to fragment the piece. This provides a non-linear 'organized randomness' to the piece.