Andrew Davidhazy

Professor of Technical Photography
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

My photographic activity connects an interest in art with an interest in science and technology. The challenge of visualizing generally "invisible" events has provided me with many opportunities for creative experimentation. High speed photography, schlieren, infrared, ballistic photography and similar subjects provide many opportunities for me to produce work.

My intent is to make photographs that form the basis for quantitative understanding of a subject's behavior while at the same time making qualitative images that are visually compelling and illustrative of its appearance or condition. In other cases it is the simple challenge of solving the process by which a visually imperceptible subject is recorded provides the impetus for its visualization.

String Vibrations
11x17 inches in 16x20 inch frame
Photograph - C-Print

The subject for this photograph is a gyrating white cotton string with one end connected to a motor and the other to a small, free, weight.

The random motions of the string were recorded over a period of about 1/2 second.