Cristina Besa

Free lance artist
ESMA (European Society for Math & Art)
Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

My artistic goal is to create new forms of aesthetic value and combine the poetic of abstract geometry with the individual characteristics of the sitting subjects.

My creative work starts in the darkroom.

To achieve perfect symmetry, I use a process of multiples exposures on the same negative. I rotate and intersect the image with its reflection, define the conversion, point symmetry, mirror lines and resize it to create a new form. The process allows me to stage various geometric and optical transformations. The technical challenge during the creative process is to obtain a perfect print without seeing the finished image.

I use fundamental mathematical principles to help me create images that can remind one of familiar shapes found in nature and in the human shape. The creative process brings up unexpected elements and a vast range of details far beyond what anyone could ever imagine, infinite forms of existence far beyond the particular of our appearance.

12” x 16” (framed 20” x 24”)
6x7 negative, print on Ilford glossy paper

Bilateral symmetry

Combination of identical exposure intersecting with their own reflection

The intersection of the two shapes A (original) and B (reflection of A) are positioned at the same angle to create a new form bound by its central line reflection .