Ghee Beom Kim

Freelance artist
Sydney, Australia

My art work is the result of my journey in search of absolute beauty and truth, which in some way shares the similar notion as Islamic geometric art, where faith is expressed and divinity is visualised via complex geometric patterns. I do believe that one of the disciplines that facilitate the understanding of the universe and its Creator is mathematics and out of it comes its visual manifestation: Geometry.

I am an aesthetic explorer in pursue of new spatial order through geometry. It gives me means to seek out ultimate beauty that does not fade away with passing of time. Most of the work I have produced is the result of that very journey. Along the way I see Creator, Genesis, and constellations in my work. I want people to share sheer joy of mathematical or geometric art through my work.

300 x 250 mm

Hexagonal fractal creates this terrace-like surface that imitates exotic terrain, which has architectural implication. The triangular fractal formations occasionally occur amongst rather random surface. .