Frank Mingrone

Deceased (1999)

Symmetry plays a dynamic role in nature with an inherent appreciation of pattern. My aim is to inspire others with the emotional feeling that has brought back that great sense of wonder and curiosity as a child. This endeavor has given me pleasure, creative activity, mental stimulation and the delight of exploring the

medium for its own sake.

In number relationships and special sequences of integers, there are patterns found. If the representation of certain integers conform to a symmetrical standard then why not substitute these integers with straight parallel lines, place these lines in a geometric form equivalent to their nature, and represent them aesthetically through this conversion.

These patterns can portray a multitude of impressions or interpretations, from the strange to the extraordinary, but if they merely express an awareness or appreciation from the movement started in the creation of my work, then they will have accomplished their purpose.

Infinite Journey
32” x 24” (original 45” x 42”)
Poster (scan of hand ink drawing on paper)

There were no computers used in the creation of this drawing. It was completely hand drawn using a pen and ruler and consists of straight, unbroken, parallel lines that extend to the outermost perimeter. If the perimeter expanded and the lines repeated and extended, the symmetrical pattern would continue infinitely.

The use and placement of straight lines are not a random guess but must conform to a mathematical framework for their representation. Each group of lines is analogous to a group of integers, and it is the exact arrangement of the lines arising from balanced proportions that create the intricate patterns. The lines can flow in a successive order, or, with varied intricate combinations. The singularity of straight lines unites a complex system of multiple interrelated sections creating the illusion of curvature. The various parts relate to the whole and the patterns grasped and visualized as a whole.