Magnus Wenninger

Benedictine monk
Saint John's Abbey
Collegeville, Minnesota, USA

More information about the techniques I use to produce the artistic color patterns in the construction of my paper models can be found in my book: Polyhedron Models, published by Cambridge University Press in 1971, paperback edition 1974.

Ten Triangular Prisms
9" x 9" x 9"

Robert Webb's Stella program is now the computer program I use for the construction of all the

polyhedron models I have recently been making. It is the program par excellence I now use for

the discovery of any new polyhedrons, especially any I have never made before.

The photo shows a model of Ten Triangular Prisms, recently made by me. I found the Stella version on

a webpage called '75 Uniform Polyhedra' done by Roger Kaufman. It is #32 on this webpage. The Stella

version gives me a 3D computer view in 10 colors and allows me to choose the size of the model and

thus also the size and shape of the net to be used for the construction of the model. However I wanted

my model to be done using only 5 colors. This is where the artwork comes into play. The model now

shows each prism with its faces in one color of the five. Thus it becomes uniquely artistic in appearance.