Marcel Morales

Full Professor of Mthematics
Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble I, France
Saint Martin d'Heres, France

I am working in Geometry. I have developed some pedagogical material for schools: how to produce a tiling with a sheet of paper, how to understand tilings. I have produced software, for everybody, to realize tilings of the plane in the three geometries: Euclidian geometry, spherical geometry and hyperbolic geometry. My work was inspired by the work of Escher. Tiling is not a goal but a tool to create artworks that can be figurative or abstract. I use my own software in order to draw in the computer but it needs a long previous work. I try to express my own thinking of the life by mean of forms and colors and would like to introduce other people to these techniques. I should say that my software is unique in the world to produce hyperbolic tilings.

woman flower
300 x 450 mm
Digital print on canvas

I use hyperbolic geometry, in fact the idea of tiling the hyperbolic plane, to produce a tile such that by repeating hyperbolic rotations we can fill the plane. In this artwork a difficult point is to find the tile. My idea is to use a woman to fulfill a flower and this flower fulfill the moon and the earth changing colors and getting maturity.