Mehrdad Garousi

Freelance fractal artist, painter and photographer
Hamadan, Iran

Among diverse mathematical fields of art which I have been involved with, like 2D and 3D fractal image and animation making, constructing topological sculptures has always been one of my top interests. TopMod is one piece of the software that makes it possible to assemble and mix simple and complicated mathematical processes on basic geometrical shapes to have interesting results with high degrees of aesthetics. I usually construct my sculptures in TopMod and exert manipulations, colorings, lightings, and finally render them in Modo.

18" x 16"
Digital print on canvas

This work created in TopMod comprises a uniform twisted strip with some ties and joints. The shape containing an evident three-fold rotational symmetry is composed of three similar components connected at two central joints placed back and forth. The outstanding issue is another hidden symmetry which may not be discovered at a hasty glance. In addition to the former symmetry, condoning back and forth or up and down position of layers, as a flat plane, the whole sculpture has a three-fold mirror symmetry. The reason of such a property is the same one-fold mirror symmetry governing each of the three components.