Radmila Sazdanovic and Aftermoon studio

Postdoc (Sazdanovic); freelance artist (Aftermoon Studio)
Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania (Sazdanovic); la maison des artistes (Aftermoon Studio)
US (Sazdanovic); Paris, France (Aftermoon Studio)

I am a mathematician: my research inspires the math-artist in me. The rich geometric structures found in tessellations of the hyperbolic plane, knots, and diagrammatic representations of algebraic structures that appear in categorifications, together with the ideas and methods used in mathematics, are at the core of my art.

Aftermoon studio consists of two independent graphic designers: Marija Simeunovic and Elisa Felz, both holding Master degrees in Graphical Arts, from ESAG Penninghen, Paris. Aftermoon creates graphics for printed or electronic media, mainly related to the cultural events or environmental themes.




Tryptique is a drawing of three different kinds of diagrams used in categorifications of the one-variable polynomial ring with integer coefficients. These diagrams are elements of three distinct algebras: on the level of Grothendieck rings, projective modules spanned by these diagrams correspond to Chebyshev polynomials, integer powers of x and (x-1), and Hermite polynomials. Asgar Jorn's comment about Pierre Alechinsky's work could as well apply to the signs Aftermoon studio created based on our diagrams.

"L'image est écrite et l'écriture forme des images... on peut dire qu'il y a une écriture, une graphologie dans toute image de même que dans toute écriture se trouve une image."