Sándor Vály and Éva Polgár

Finland, Helsinki
Sándor Vály (born 1968) is a painter who was born in Hungary but now lives in Finland. Vály's art is characterised by conceptual and philosophical dimension, which he uses to operate in the field of modern art. His work in the field of arts is not limited to painting, but expands to music, cinema, performance art and literature, and creates holistic works of art. Vály's works form extensive entities. His musical background originates in 80's Hungary, where he grew up with punk, experimental and industrial music.

Éva Polgár (born 1983) is an Hungarian pianist who lives in the USA. She graduated from Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest in 2007, and from Sibelius Academy in 2008, where she studied under Hamsa Al-Wad's supervision. She tours actively, giving concerts in Europe and USA. Polgár's extensive repertoire ranges from baroque to modern music. Mondrian Variations is the first work where she has also participated in composing the piece.
Mondrian Variations - Grid 8
The second part of Sándor Vály's and Éva Polgár's experimental and audiovisual art project is a synestetic processing based on Piet Mondrian's paintings. In the processing Modrian's paintings (composition, colour, space) have been transposed to sound-time codes, and orchestrated for a piano and a sampler. The score and music formed from the paintings in this way is a direct translation of the work, and allows the recipient to enjoy Modrian's paintings as music.