Mehrdad Garousi

Freelance fractal artist, painter and photographer
Hamadan, Iran
Fractals are very modern results of fractal geometry which introduce us to very strange worlds belonging to fractional dimensions, resembling the unconscious digitally. Fractals are materialization of numbers in form of complex but controllable systems. 3D fractal animations are three dimensional psychedelic expeditions inside fractal environments that help viewers to experience mathematical psychedelism themselves. A psychedelism risen from basic properties of fractal geometry like fractional dimension, self-similarity, and regulative complexity.
Let Me Go
Software: Mandelbulb3D (a free program), Music by Flinch
This music video is a pure fractal animation made for Flinch, who is an electronic musician from North America. It is made in one of the well-known and still-under-evolution fractal programs Mandelbulb3D, except for minor post-render adjustments in Adobe Premiere. The animation is altogether a combination of 4 basic fractal formulas and what is seen during the 5:45 of the play is the result of variations in the constructing numeric variables defining these formulas or those controlling environmental phenomena like colors, lights, etc. Two of the best known techniques in fractal animating are magnification and the morphing of shapes and environments which could be seen in this animation as well. Morphing struggles with the constructing numeric relations defining the digital world around, before our eyes in fast continuous processes.
Non-stop rendering of the final version of this 5:45 animation at 1280 x 720 pixels took my hexa-core cpu more than two weeks.