Quantum Cinema - a Digital Vision, a PEEK project by Renate Quehenberger, Head: Peter Weibel QC_Digital Artists: N.Tasic, C. Magnes, R. Friemel, H. Katzgraber, K. Stumreich

Scientific Researcher
Department of Media Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna
The artistic research group QuantumCinema is named after the ongoing project “Quantum-Cinema – a digital Vision” a PEEK project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, based at theUniversity of Applied Arts, Vienna(2010-2013).
The animated short movies in digital 3-D dynamic geometry refer to various scientific issues of the recent research for the visualization of higher mathematics.
QC_geometry conceives a new method of visualization of higher dimensional spaces by “upgrading” Euclidean geometry and catches a "hyper-Platonic" view by the confinement of Platonic solids by their new found golden epitahedra.
The faces of this golden heptahedron use the Penrose Kites and Darts decoration creating wavelike subspaces. Its properties allow to indicate the icosahedral group in a new way.
The submitted material shows some intermediate results as a rasy diversion – recreational mathematics in a new fashion.
Voyage to Level -1
Voyage to Level -1 / QUANTUM-CINEMA - A DIGITAL VISION an AR project by Renate Quehenberger, Head: Peter Weibel, QC_Digital ARTISTS: Nicola Tasic, Christian Magnes, Hans Katzgraber, Rudi Friemel, Music: Chrono Popp, Mia Zabelka
Voyage to Level 1

Part I / by Nikola Tasic starts as a ride, like in a game, which turns out to be a passage through the hemispheres of Hilbert Space, where houses on a hyperplane and in a hypercube passing at the horizon. The row of houses refers to the first description of the fourth dimension by Gustav T. Fechner 1848.
The crash ends with a flight towards the inner center of the hypersphere.
Part II / by Christian Magnes reveals the transgressive character of Mephistos pentagram, which in this case is a digital cross-section through the Epitadodecahedron (a hyper-platonic solid found during the QC_research) indicates the transgression to “the unitary deep structure” ( holo-archy) of “the subscendent Level -1” (minus one) as the quantum world was called by the physicist David Bohm.