Brian Evans

Associate Professor of Art
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
All is number in the computer. I take numeric models and see what songs and pictures they will make. How can I map numbers to the senses—turn numbers into a tangible experience? Then I wonder how the senses map to each other. I map the maps.

Sound to image—a visualization. Image to sound—a sonification. In mapping numbers into sensory experience, aesthetic decisions are made. What palette of colors to use? What set of pitches? How long? How big? The artist chooses. In a digital world the mapping itself is a choice. Beyond arithmetic there are no rules.

I make simple rules. You have to start somewhere. One loop (now it's a narrative). Two minutes (don't blink). The sound should be seen, the image audible. Other than that, make music. It's jazz in 4D. Hear the colors, listen with your eyes.
2' 15"
music/graphcs: Brian Evans
Perhaps here is abstract expressionism, being true to its digital materials, founded in musical traditions and Modernist formalism. But it's loosened a bit. It's meant to be fun (God forbid). It's jazz in color, shape, sound and computation. Relax. Hear the colors. Listen with your eyes.