Radmila Sazdanovic

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA

Mathematics is one of the fine arts although the techniques used by mathematicians are not the classical ones.The work they produce can be understood by very few people definitely contributes to its lack of popularity. Fortunately, some of the mathematical ideas can be expressed through different media- such as painting, sculpture, music, hence their beauty can be appreciated with or without the prior knowledge of mathematics. I create digital prints using photography and computer software, such as Tess and LinKnot. In developing the computer programs as well as artistic ideas I collaborate with scientists (Slavik Jablan),

artists (Ruth Mateus-Berr, Ritsuko Izuhara, Studio Aftermoon), and architects (Victor Stipsic, Marko Vujic). The inspiration for my digital prints stems from my current research in knot theory, diagrammatic algebras, and the rich geometric structures found in tessellations of the hyperbolic plane.

Sea Pearls
Digital print

This digital print is based on the hyperbolic tessellation in the Poincare disk model created using Mathematica package "Tess". The core pattern consists of red and white circles of varying sizes, which is extended to the whole hyperbolic plane with respect to the symmetries of the original tessellation.

Seven Towers
Digital Print

This tessellation of the hyperbolic plane is inspired by Japanese pagodas but realized in classical black, red and white color scheme, emphasizing local 7-fold symmetry.