Chloé Worthington

Saint Ann's School
Brooklyn, NY

Tending to prefer singing and acting, I’ve never taken a painting class or a sculpture class. I had never considered myself to be a visual artist until an inspiring Algebra teacher told me how incredible she thought the mindless doodles around the edges of my assignments were. I began covering the pages of my notebooks with all kinds of mathematical patterns. I view my art as an amalgam of carefree doodles and structured concepts.

I do all of my work by hand because I love the way that my fingers can take set patterns and breathe life into their strict forms with subtle imperfections. In this way, I feel as if they are able to bend and develop a mind of their own, a feat that could not be achieved through a computer program. I also love to use thin-tipped pens to create intricate details that are almost imperceptible from afar.

Cookie Cutter
11 x 7 inches
Paper, 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen

This piece was inspired by a mixture of baking and Geometry. I like to think that the shapes are merely windows of the paper that look out at a perfectly monochromatic puzzle world.

The Missing Piece
18 x 24 inches
Canvas, Paint, Fine Point Sharpie

This piece was inspired by romanesco fractals. I've always enjoyed the fact that puzzle pieces are made to fit together. This piece expresses my love of an infinite agreement of shapes.

8 x 5.5 inches
Paper, 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen

This piece was inspired by classroom daydreams. I flipped through the pages of a mathematical pattern picture book and I began to imagine these patterns forming all around me. The top left and bottom right corner of the piece were drawn with a different pen to replicate the fading conscious of a bored mind.