David Levick

Apalachicola, Florida, USA

These works reveal some of the correlations unlocked by exactly Squaring the Circle by perimeter/circumference; an insoluble problem; but for all practical purposes, reconciling the irreconcilable. From this can be extracted: the proportion known as the Golden Section, within which, one wavelength/amplitude describes precisely the geometry of the energetic armature on which "hangs" the Mortal Coil, the origin and source of many ancient symbols; and the door to the secret of light, which is in the Wave. This geometry is embodied in the Great Pyramid @ Giza, Egypt; the base of which is a square; the perimeter is equal to the circumference of a circle, the radius of which is equal to the Pyramid's height. The piano keyboard, w/its two "missing" half-tones in each octave, reflects that the ear recognizes that the progress from one note to its octave, does not proceed uniformly; but is retarded in two places. this anomaly reflects wave phenomenon in general; a key to the work.

Golden Ratio Montage
13"x21" in.
pencil & ink on paper

Montage of golden ratios of the human face, piano keyboards, DNA, and cross section Great Pyramid @ Giza, Egypt showing one(1) Right Hand wound (+) Light Gyre. Within the basic geometry emerge four (4) gyres; two(2) R.H.(+); and two(2) L.H.(-); interpenetrating each other

Great Pyramid Cross Section
13"x21" in.
pencil and ink on paper

Mathematically exact cross section of the Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

Fibonacci Dance
13"x 21" in.
pencil & ink on paper

Secret of Light....Keys to Freemasonry....Mystery Artifacts....found @ the Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt