Friedhelm Kürpig

Professor of Descriptive Geometry (retired)
University of Fine Arts Hamburg
Aachen, Germany

For the author, geometry has not lost anything of its fascination even after over forty years of intense engagement with the subject. As an architect, he finds it a never-failing source of innovation and a symbol of eternal beauty. In his capacity as Professor of Descriptive Geometry at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, his most important secondary activity lay in the development and production of educational models as visualizations of geometric laws. These models were generally acquired by Technical Universities as learning material for lectures and seminars. Over the years the emphasis of his work has changed somewhat, and today he prefers to focus on the aesthetic rather than on the didactic aspects of his objects.

Dupin Cyclide
400 x 360 x180 mm
Stainless steel sheet, thickness 1.5 mm

The Cyclide is represented by twenty four meridian circles and seven parallel sections; all parts are provided with slots so that they can be pushed together.

Worm eaten sphere
360 x 300 x 300 mm
Stainless steel sheet, thickness 1.5 mm

The sphere is penetrated by two helicoids generated by screwing circles of different diameters. The helicoids appear as negative forms. The sculpture is composed of twenty nine sections at right angles to the axis of the helicoids.

Rhombic Triacontahedron
External diameter 200 mm
Stainless steel sheet, thickness 1.2 mm

Slice model of a Rhombic Triacontahedron represented by sections at right angles to a twofold symmetry axis. This object is representative for a series of regular and semiregular polyhedra which have been developed for the last two years. You can see some of them on the author's website.(