JeoungEun Lim

Seoul, Korea

Jeoungeun Lim’s recent artworks show a splashing play of light or illusion using glass and plexiglass(acryl) etching(sandblasting) technique. This methodology based on the transparent characteristic of glass transforms engraved images on the surface into shadows. The consecutiveness of image and shadow, inside and outside creates all-encompassing space. Mirrors and colors are added to maximize the kaleidoscope-like festive light play. The art piece goes on to produce an optical illusion through the variation of square and cube figures produced by the glass plates and its color shadows, stimulating a feeling of weightlessness and infinity. And Both geometric shapes on the glass surface and organic patterns of light make a splendid optical illusion.

By Ko Chunghwan, Art Critic

variation of cube2013
Mixed media on plaxiglass

Harmony, balance, rhythm, and proportion that are considered to be the rules of traditional aesthetics are based upon mathematics or derived from geometry. Here with, My art work internally deals with the world’s fundamental respect for existence expressed through the shapes of squares and its variations. This is two plaxiglass.

virtual cube2013
mixed media on glass

This art work is produces interesting image, varying with the amount and angle of light. When I shine light on the colorfully painted shapes of both sides of a plate glass pane, many colorful shadows of the light reflecting form a cubic effect on the white wall. It breaks the fixed idea that shadows are "black" and creates a new active space of colors.

This installation is various different geometrical figures and alters the color of my artistic production by sandblast on glass and a kiln at low degrees. The glass is look like the sculptural installed to the wall three-dimensionally.