Joy Hsiao

Mathematics Teacher
Long Island City High School / New York Math Circle
New York City, USA

The inspiration for my artwork comes from my experience as a mathematics and computer science teacher, and from the various art and math workshops I have attended.

Infinite Loop
23" x 2"
color paper, self adhesive laminating plastic

This Mobius strip was inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, Martin Gardner, Scott Kim, and my new assignment in teaching the Java programming language. Written on the Mobius strip is a line of Java code that prints itself, thus creating an infinite loop which is represented both physically and in code. I designed the letters so that the code can be read no matter which part of the edge is up. Some letters have a natural horizontal line symmetry, while others require some creativity to obtain symmetries. In Java code, the blue syntax prints the yellow syntax ");System.out.print(" while the yellow syntax prints the blue syntax.

Seating Chart
Markers on paper

While planning a lesson for teaching symmetries, I decided to design all my students' names with some form of symmetry. The result is a seating chart with beautiful names that are enhanced by vertical line symmetries and rotational symmetries. The names of these wonderful children reflect the diversity of our class.