Karl Kattchee

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
La Crosse, WI

Art and mathematics are inseparable. I use pencil, pen, pastel, paper, cardboard, scanner, camera, computer, and printer to achieve my desired effects. Math is part of my creative process, on many levels, and while there is mathematical content in most of my artwork, I am not always intentional about it.

Habitat Green
16 x 20
digital print

Habitat Green began as a pencil drawing on scratch paper. After digitizing the sketch, I implemented a sequence of reproductions, rotations, reflections, translations, and superpositions intended to breed a sense of chaos. The result of that process is found in each quadrant. The symmetry in the final image is obvious and intended, but I was stunned by it and declared the work done.

Habitat Yellow (1 and 2)
10 x 16
digital print

It is easy to describe Habitat Yellow. Swap the right and left halves of Habitat Green, and you have Yellow number 1. Swap the top and bottom halves, and you have Yellow number 2.

Habitat Red
4 x 5
digital print

Red is the logical completion of the Habitat series. I decided to make it small.