Richard Harrington

North Adams, MA

Over the years my artwork has been concerned with visual perception in various manifestations. To my mind, one of the most important developments of the 20th century, and of the early 21st, has been in the domain of perceptual psychology. Mathematics in various forms have been instrumental to these developments. The things I make are really concerned with these topics. There have been people who have phrased this far more succinctly than I. A prime example comes from the words of the perceptual psychologist Bela Julesz in his very profound and influential book Foundations of Cyclopean Perception... "Math is to infinity as psychology is to consciousness."

STELLATED DODECAHEDRAL VARIANT, 2011, 22”x22”x22”, folded hardware cloth. Each face of the dodecahedral seed of this sculpture is made of five isosceles tetrahedra. Thus sixty interlocking tetrahedra observe the rules of the Euler Equation: V-E+F-C=0. It was designed so that a viewer could alternately look at or through the object, and that the object must be more than a simple display of vertices and edges. The sculpture observes the condition of origami that all its tetrahedral edges are convex. To achieve a maximum amount of moiré patterns, the layers of material must be parallel or nearly parallel to each other. Because the lengths of the edges of this object are similar, the surface tension is distributed uniformly, and achieves an overall equilibrium like that of a stellated soccer ball. Using John Conway’s rules of nomenclature this object would perhaps be classified as a stellated pentakis dodecahedron. Richard Harrington North Adams, MA February, 2013