Roger Vilder

Nimes France

My work centers around concepts of motion, time, and scientific fields such as geometry and mathematical equation. I experiment these concepts through a variety of material such as motorized mechanics, computer drawings from which serial sculptures and prints are drawn, algorithms through flash animations and neon sculpture for its colors.They are ways to express metaphors, explore and indulge in the mysteries and beauty of life and the universe that surrounds us. Although I am aware of the complexity of the multiple processes that govern living and inanimate form, I have always been attracted to basic shapes. The relationship between simple geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles in motion, the logic of mathematical concepts found in many aspects of nature or the harmony derived from some equation express sufficient beauty by themselves. It is just often a matter of being aware of their potential.

Equivalence 64"cube

The work comprises of 5 volumes all in aluminium and all equal to 64 inches cube.

"Glass Boy's Cube 4"

This is a plane version of Werner Boy's cube done in 8mm glass

Blue Boy's Cube
Blue tube with neon, electric transformer, plexiglass and wood

This is a linear neon version of Werner Boy's cube. The work is enclosed in a transparent plexiglass cube. The dimensions given are those of the plexiglass box.