Roland Gagneux

La Florentine 59620 Leval France

I started carving in the mid 90s after having worked as a modeler of foundry for several decades.

I have beginning with sculptures of intertwined forms taken out of the wood mass and then with black and white lacquered creations.

Today, I specialize myself in mathematical forms, particularly polyhedra.

My experience as modeler helps me a lot to understand the geometric shapes, but also to master the techniques of construction.

It was chance that led me to polyhedra : a teacher asked me to create Archimedean and Plato wood polyhedra for his students, this work has allowed me to look at these shapes which are very beautiful and exciting to realize .

The opportunities in this area are virtually endless.

Expanded Propello Truncated Icosahedron. Polyèdre à 902 faces
Diameter 75 cm
Finland birch plywood
Zonohedrified Crossed Heptagrammic Cupolaic Blend
650 mm
Finland birch plywood
Dual Snub Hexpropello Dodecahedron. Polyèdre à 420 faces
Diameter 60 cm
Finland birch plywood