Anne Rudanovski

Artist and educator
Tartu, Estonia

My name is Anne Rudanovski. I am an artist and educator based in Tartu, Estonia.

A rather significant part in my creative process is achieved by utilizing a “hands-on” approach to the materials I may be using.

I am interested in exploring new ways of interpreting a material, and then to create forms of expression through them. Forms which both visually and emotionally express the complex world which science and technology have provided us. I believe in the power of sharing art and knowledge as vital components in the creative process. Most of my latest works are made utilizing primarily paper.

Founder of Paper Museum

224 pieces in order
Paper 160g/m2

Object consists of 224 triangles cut out from paper.

4 2D triangles merged to get one 3D particle,

56 3D particles merged to get pyramid structure.

224 pieces out of order
Paper 160g/m2
224 pieces captivated
Paper 160g/m2