Juan G. Escudero

Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Oviedo

"Das Einzelne erweist sich immer wieder als unwichtig, aber die Möglichkeit jedes Einzelnen gibt uns einen Aufschluss über das Wesen der Welt"

(Again and again the individual case turns out to be unimportant, but the possibility of each individual case discloses something about the essence of the world)

(Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus).

"L´art est à l´opposé des idées générales, ne décrit que l´individuel, ne désire que l´unique. Il ne classe pas; il déclasse" (Art is opposite of general ideas; it describes only the individual, desires only what is unique. It does not classify; it declassifies)

(Marcel Schwob, quoted by José Ángel Valente in "Diario anónimo")

30x30 cm
Digital Print

A simple arrangement A of nine lines with nineteen triangles was the basis of "Nueve y 220-B". A dynamical process transforms A into a simplicial arrangement B, both having the seven prototiles of a series of substitution tilings ("Substitutions with vanishing rotationally invariant first cohomology" Discrete Dyn. Nat. Soc. 2012, and references within). This work is based on singular surfaces obtained by using B.

40x30 cm
Digital Print

Here the basic surfaces are three sextics with Tjurina numbers 22,75 and 76. Mathematica, Singular and Surfer computing and geometric visualization tools are used.