Dominique Ribault


I have tried to weld Figurative Art with the abstract of Mathemetics. I wanted also to illustrate links between Geometry, Algebra and Topology.

12 Elephants
16 x 16 x 16 cm
SLS Stereolithography

This hedrasculpture is made with 12 identical elephants. The first elephant is cloned 11 times with the action of the tetrahedric group. Elephants are linked only by feets. This artwork was created in 2003 for the 3D model and 2009 for the first 3d print.

2 Spirals of Elephants
50 x 66.6 cm
Digital Print

Spherical tessellation. I used a non-conform geometrical iterative method to map the sphere from one elephant. After I have deleted some elephants to see spirals and inside the sphere.