Adam Zynger

Baltimore, MD

In this psychedelic series I tried to explore the affinity between fractal mathematics and focused expression with a human touch. While the splendor of Ushiki Phoenix, Newton Mset or Lyapunov equation might be a bit overwhelming, I took the challenge and reduced the somewhat cacophonic blasts of forms and colors to more esthetically pleasing images. The floral and anthropomorphic affinity is clearly discernible, so much so that I refer to this art as a parallel reality. One may argue this to be a psychedelic experience with a synesthetic process of combining different cognitive pathways coinciding with spectral geometric flashes experienced when neurosensory pathways are stimulated in a disease, such as migraine or a sting of a scorpion.

The Night of a Scorpion
16" X 20"
fractal ink jet print

The title alludes to Nissim Ezekiel poem "The Night of a Scorpion", Ezekiel experimented with a psychedelic, mind-altering drug LSD, which affects consciousness, invoking exuberant images with spectral colors, altered perception and here, should we add, an agonizing pain of a scorpion sting in a visual translation: “ flash of diabolic tail.” One can see and feel the propagating waves of pulsating pain as it climaxes and recedes with illusory moment of relief only to be replaced by another wave of pain in an endless iteration. Paradoxically, fractal art based on mathematical equations generates such spectral images, which I strive to define and contain, creating a parallel reality of sorts.

Adam and Eve
16" X 20"
fractal ink jet print

"Adam and Eve " attempts to portray or can be interpreted as a kiss of sorts with the two figures in embrace, embellished with a shower of Mandelbrot sets. The iterating flourishes surrounding the presumed heads are reminiscent of floral adornment of a peasant couple. The vivid yellow and orange hues fluoresce in a contrasting background of deep ultramarine. Ultimately, it’s a complex mathematical construct, somehow evoking an animated and colorful interaction of two beings, hence: math-bridging art.

The Jungle Moment
16" X 20"
fractal ink jet print

The Jungle Moment is a specter of luscious greenery emerging from sensuous purple foliage generated by trig transforms. The intertwined forms create a jungle of psychedelic, intoxicating experience with eerie lights cast across the image. One can almost hear the invisible bugs chatter and smell the heavy vapors of the breathing soil - a truly mesmerizing jungle moment.

As I transitioned from art to science in my career, the mutual relevance of images generated in both, art and science, became apparent and prompted me to write an article on “Art and Science” in the Baltimore’s Artists Equity Newsletter. This later led to the formation of Bridges.