Sara McCormick

Infinite Creature Designs
Portland, Oregon

My work is a form of digital art know as fractals: mathematical and natural forms that exhibit what's known as self-similarity. These patterns repeat for infinity and contain the same formations and level of detail at all scales. Using a computer I render mathematical formulas into art of infinite depth and detail. With careful composition and color choice I am able to bring out the rich, organic nature of these forms. The patterns I work with are the same patterns that make up the universe. More than anything else for me my work represents a real, tangible connection to nature. So much of this world can be described by these same simple patterns, so that when I create, I feel as if I am a part of evolution.

Drifters 2
30" x 30"
Giclee Fractal Print

This series was created for The Art of Plankton show at The Arts Center in Corvalis, OR. Artists were asked to create works inspired by photographs of microscopic organisms: plankton cells. Using fractal generation programs I created works that attempted to represent the swirling ecological mass of a plankton colony.

These images are not photographs. They are computer generated images created using mathematical equations. Since they are based on these recursive fractal equations, they can be rendered and printed at ANY SIZE. I especially enjoy printing them large scale because you get a much greater sense of the depth of these images.

Thank you for your consideration.

Drifters 1
22" x 30"
Giclee Fractal Print
Drifters 3
18" x 40"
Giclee Fractal Print