Koos Verhoeff

Emeritus Professor of Computer Science

Koos Verhoeff, retired Full Professor of Computer Science at the Erasumus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands,

has designed and constructed mathematical art since the early 1980s.

He mainly designs 3D sculptures, constructed in wood, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics, often involving mitered beams.

He has described himself as more of an explorer and a discoverer than a designer.

He wonders and wanders about the abstract world of mathematical structures, looking for forms with intriguing mathematical properties as well as aesthetic appeal.

cm: 5 h x 5.5 w x 5.5 d
Alumide (3D print)

A single continuous strip of six conical segments that almost touch. Also see our Bridges 2014 paper.

Right-angle Champion
cm: 3.5 h x 5 w x 2 d
Bronze (3D print)

The shape, made from 24 trapezoidal segments, that has the most right angles. Also see our Bridges 2008 and 2014 papers.

Fence for a Single Grass Leaf
cm: 8 h x 4 w x 4 d
Full Color Sandstone (3D print)

A design in the same family as Fence around Nothing. Consists of six woven zigzag strands, in two colors. Inspired by chain-link fence. This fence leaves room for just a single grass leaf.