Patrick Honner

Mathematics Teacher
Brooklyn Technical High School
Brooklyn, New York

I am a high school math teacher who enjoys sharing and communicating mathematics through photography. I look to capture and convey the mathematics of our everyday experiences, as well as find and portray mathematical beauty in the world.

I find photography to be an effective means for increasing student awareness of mathematics, and it can also inspire them to see and interact with the mathematics all around them.

An Infinite Series
16 in x 20 in
Digital Photography

Infinity is a naturally compelling subject, and the apparent convergence of this sequence of similar iron posts brings to mind an infinite geometric series, where each term is a scaled-down version of the previous one.

Radial Normals
16 in x 20 in
Digital Photography

The water jets firing normally from these coils converge in a mist along the helix's central axis, giving the appearance of intersecting radii.