Adam Zynger


As an artist and editor of Artists Equity Newsletter, I have published an article on Art and Science, which introduced Baltimore art community to the interrelatedness of these two disciplines.. My computer-generated fractal art is based on fractal geometry for which I am indebted to Benoit Mandelbrot, the Master of Roughness and Complexity, Gaston Julia and others , who lured me to the exuberance of its iterative language. Here again I attempted to provide a link between fractal visual expressions and a plausible reality, not just a beautiful pattern. It was aptly demonstrated in my exhibit of prints and paintings at University of Maryland Medical Center entitled Parallel Reality or in a current exhibit at the Carroll Mansion.

16"x20" frame, 11x14 opening
ink jet fractal print

The Spooky , featured recently in the Howard County Sun Paper, strikes us with completely unintended but starkly ominous visage of complex configurations in a true Halloween spirit. The endless iteration and lacunarity combines in a symmetric fashion to form an ornate mask. It might be a mathematical predecessor of future skull shapes shared by so many species throughout the Animal Kingdom: in the beginning there was a pure math and a pure thought, maybe?! Well, let’s stick to the Subject Matter.