Gaylon Rex Greger

Hilton head Island, South Carolina

Greger’s abstract works are executed in a unique introspective and dynamic style that will intrigue and delight the most discerning art lover. His art invites the viewer into a deeply spiritual world, offering direct access to the subconscious mind. He has an intensely personal approach to sculpture presented in a direct and honest manner.

This expression allows him to present spiritual or intellectual feelings in a clear and bold manner. Even as some works appear mysterious, there is always an underlying sense of dreams and fantasies.

He states that, “For me the creative process is about internal realities – spirit, imagination, dreams, feelings, fantasies –experiences that transcend or underlie the purely visible.”

Block Monoid
Wood and brass

Inspired by the Dec. 2011 Monthly article “Factorizations of Algebraic Integers, Block Monoids, and Additive Number Theory,” by Scott Chapman and Paul Baginski, artist Gaylon Rex Greger has created a sculpture titled “Block Monoid.”

Imagery based on the number theoretic aspects of Block Monoids comes alive in this piece with brass bars, solid spaces, and large open spaces being used in various ways to represent prime numbers and zero-sequences. Zero-sequences have complicated structures (as is evidenced by the complexity of the Davenport Constant), and Greger shows in this piece made of simple wood and brass that out of complexity can rise beauty.

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