Etienne Saint-Amant

Artist and Scientist
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Etienne Saint-Amant is Master of Science and professional artist in technological arts. He specializes in the design of large-format 2D artworks. Mathematics are for him the language of Nature and he shows, through the chaos theory, that it is possible to shape them to become a tool for artistic expression. He is a specialist, lecturer and pioneer in this field. He is the author of formulas and equations that translate into various tools for artistic composition. He is dedicated to conceptual research and creation of contemporary artworks

18 x 36 in
Pigmented inks on professional paper, museum-grade acrylic, Dibond aluminium

This is a landscape of light and atmospheres. This artwork is made to be seen in its whole and then be looked at for its finest details. The emotional charge varies from one scale to the other, which brings the observer to a second level of interpretation that is sometimes paradoxical. Can you see the reverse maiden (a woman profile) hidden in the yellow textures?

This artwork is completely described by a mathematical system. Large atmospheric textures are made from a chain of meteorologic turbulences and gravitational lens effects. The marble-like filaments are made from an heavily distorted hexagonal (crystal-like) tiling. The spatula-like or fragmented glass texture is made from my new Generalized Oscillating Mandelbrot Set formula.