Cathleen Gillette

Undergraduate Student
Actuarial Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

I have always loved art, ever since I was young. However, I made the decision to study mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh. After seeing several of the mathematical art exhibit pieces from previous years, I became inspired to combine two of my favorite things: art and math! Too often, the disciplines are seen as separate fields. But that isn't true at all; mathematics is present everywhere, especially in nature. And hasn't nature been one of the main inspirations for artists throughout the centuries?

The pieces here have been created from various polar coordinate plots which I generated in Maple. There are infinite shapes to discover, infinite equations to portray.

Fibonacci Lace
MapleSoft, Microsoft Office, Canvas

This image was also created using polar coordinate plots from Maple. The three images actually represent the same equation; however, each one is a different iteration. I used an interesting combination of Fibonacci numbers in the equation, and the images reminded me of antique lace; hence, the name of the work. The dark background really highlights the intricate designs of the light-colored plots.