Debra Hydorn

Professor of Mathematics
University of Mary Washington
Fredericksburg, VA

My interest in mathematical art stems from teaching a First-Year Seminar on The Art of Mathematics. I enjoy using Geometer's Sketchpad to explore mathematical ideas to share with my students and colleagues. The creative opportunities this course provides is often a welcomed and sometimes overwhelming diversion. I am hoping to find a way to combine my expertise and interest in statistics with my art explorations. Recently, I was fortunate to share my interests in mathematical art with a student majoring in art and mathematics through an independent study. I hope to share this side of mathematics with other students in the future.

Gnomon Board
18 inches x 18 inches
Digital print

One of my colleagues includes gnomons as a project topic in her Finite Mathematics course. Until serving as a project reviewer for her course I had never heard of gnomons and thought they would make an interesting study in Geometer's Sketchpad. The modified checkerboard this piece is based on included square gnomons and adding the diagonal line created the right triangle gnomons.