Donna Contractor

Albuquerque New Mexico

I am interested in exploring the graphic nature of the many early mathematical principles and ideas that were precursors for the complexity now seen in the field.The reiterations of early fractal patterns lend themselves to these graphic representations which I explore through color using the traditional medium of a woven textile.Color is a source of constant joy for me and I delight in the full range of its use - bold and surprising color combinations and the subtle gradations of a single color. The colors and the unique quality of light in the Southwest, and the diverse forms of its land and sky scapes, make up a rich and diverse palette.

"Cantor Dust Fractal,turquoise" Universal Language Series
Hand dyed wool weft, cotton warp

This tapestry show the wonderful graphic quality of Cantor's famous fractal. A simple reiteration of a subtractive function,continually removing the middle thirds results in "dust " infinitesimally small. I include a small bit of a "surprise " color as well as one of my signature landscapes in most all my tapestries.The tapestry is designed and handwoven by me of hand dyed wool on a strong cotton warp. All the ends of yarn, resulting from color changes, have been sewn in making the piece reversible and able to be free hung.

"Cantor Dust Fractal, Square Analog, reds& blacks"
Hand dyed wool weft, cotton warp, Handwoven Tapestry

I work ,in my Universal Language Series to bring to the forefront the many mathematical principles that underlie design, both manmade and of the natural world. I am drawn to graphic images that appear throughout the history of mathematics as well and the early pre computer examples of fractal patterns lend themselves well to this type of exploration. This fractal pattern uses again,the subtractive reiteration but this time in square form and subtracting quarters instead of thirds and there are two separate fractals , side by side.