Gabriele Meyer

Senior Lecturer
Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI

I like to crochet hyperbolic surfaces. The shapes are inspired by sea shells and nature in general and not surprisingly turn out to relate to mathematics, in particular geometry and topology. After starting out with hyperbolic discs and half planes, I am now interested in more random hyperbolic shapes. I am submitting an actual hyperbolic disk, as well as two images, to illustrate the size of my hyperbolic objects and their interplay with light and shadow.

Hyperbolic Disc as Lamp Shade

This is a hyperbolic disk in two shades of white and beige, crocheted with rows of double and triple stitches in one big spiral.The holes and the hyperbolic warp allow for a play of light and shadows.

Hyperbolic Disk with Red Rim
acrylic with shaped line

This is a hyperbolic plane, the most basic model. It is crocheted in one spiral, with an ever increasing number of stitches. I increase the color brightness the closer I get to the rim to emphasize it's curvy nature.