Guang Zhu

Interactive Telecommunication Program, Tisch, New York University
New York. USA

I work with mathematical equations and computer code to craft visualizations that

moves as harmonic whimsical geometry. Each artificial and artful simulation is driven by my

continuing research on the history and mathematics of parametric equations discovered before

the 19th century. As an emerging media artist, I hark from the Renaissance attitude of

wholesomeness, where science and art progress according to the curiosity that we each feel therein. I

am curious to find what metaphysical understandings objects of art can offer in the embodiment

of mathematical symbols and computational processes

Geometry Energize #3
Flexible ( A4 letter size )

Geometry Energize! is a research driven project that begins with ancient geometries that are fascinating to me, then figuring out their mathematical models in order to give them motions which might be funny and delightful. This project is still in progress and awaits funding opportunities. For detailed research on parametric equation and art, please visit my earlier paper