Jean Constant

Media & Visual Communication consultant
Santa Fe, NM, USA

The following is part of a series of visualizations based on the work of Mathematician Bernhard Riemann (1826–1866). Mathematics made possible the environment in which visualizations of complex theories are now possible. It is an intriguing proposition to use the tools of the graphic environment to develop outcomes based on exact science. Often, esthetic statements result in personal and subjective appreciation of larger, objective universal principles. They help us broaden our perception and understanding of those principles.

The Minoan conundrum
Mixed media print

B. Riemann was interested in the relationship between geometry and the world we live in. Working in a predefined space, I combined a series of Riemann family of minimal surfaces on a Riemann - equation based - stereographic projection background. The purpose was to create references to past cultures that intuited such phenomena before they were described objectively by the mathematical sciences

Blue manifold
Mixed media print

In this visualization, I combined a series of Riemann family of minimal surfaces and use for background a Riemann’s equation based stereographic projection. The purpose is to generate a subjective interpretation of a series of mathematic principles based on personal, cultural and emotional background.