Lilian Boloney

University of Applied Arts Vienna

The combination of mathematics and textile art makes it possible to produce models of hyperbolic geometry. That is known at least since Diana Taimina published her book "Crocheting Adventures" in 2009. In my work I built upon her concept and figured out how to use the soft yarn as a geometric slide rule.

I would like to thank the University of Applied Arts Vienna for support and assistance in allowing me to attend the conference.

Boy's surface
about 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
crocheted cotton

A collaboration with the geometry ordinariate of my university brought Boy's surface to my attention and I asked myself if any mathematical thought could be crocheted. After a study of images of this surface, I managed to understand its overlaps and curves. In fact everyone can get a very accurate sense of topological forms through the technique of crochet. I am studying to become a teacher in textiles and mathematics and I think both disciplines can benefit greatly from their combination.

State 3 of a crocheted Boy's surface
30 cm x 20 cm
State 7 of the a crocheted Boy's surface
20 cm x 30 cm